Virtual reality technology is ​now ​emerge as a ​best and most unique tool in selling property developments. 360virtualstudio​ is proud to have become the first ​brand to create a fully immersive​ ​virtual reality experience for the ​indian​ real estate industry.

360virtualstudio​ ​is a specialist Virtual Reality (VR) company​ in rajkot, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Gujarat ​.​ ​Our ​2 years of ​experience in ​VR Research put us in ​a unique position to develop high quality visual and interactive solutions for ​real estate business. We collaborate with ​ the best architect and modeler for ​pushing the boundaries of high quality, 3D interactive visualization.
360virtualstudio has​ create a dedicated VR App to be used with virtual reality technology as part of the sales​ ​in ​launch for a ​rajkot based commercial and resident project allowing ​them ​ to experience the​ ​s​​pace ​to their visitor ​even before construction has started.
​our client says it’s ​amazing that ​every visitor now have the benefit of knowing what they ​get.
The entire marketing solution, including the VR, renders and​ ​planning​ ​was developed by us.

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We deliver ​e​​nd to end solution and ​service​ to your vr experience

Our 3D ​experties​ team is here to turn your vision into a ​complete 360 ​virtual reality experience. We ​made ​close collaboration​ and exclusive tieup​ with​ countries best designer and architect, so we can ensure ​that our made 3D model matches the exact ​detailing and dimension given by you so can see exactly what everything will look like in virtual realit​y​​. ​if you’re new to virtual reality​, 360Virtual Studio​ is the perfect solution, as everything ​will be done by us and your entire project will be preloaded onto a brand new Samsung phone and VR headset​ which will offer by us​.

3D Modelling

360virtualstudio will turn your plans and blueprints into an ​pixel perfect, fully furnished, rendered 3D model. You can also provide your own 3D models, if available.


As we know it will be an iterative process. You will be able to give feedback on 3D model​ which we be crated by us​, and also request ​changes ​if ​you needed.

Samsung Gear VR

We​ will ​​give you a new Samsung phone and the Gear VR headset​ with preloaded your Virtual reality app , Once it will ok by you, Its Ready to go.

Digital Files

As well as the VR experience, we’ll ​provide you a​ very​ high resolution panoramic image . We also ​provide you VR files for sharing on YouTube and Facebook. If requested, we can supply the 3D model files​ to.

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Who We Work With

Interior Designers​ & Architects​

Give your clients ​realistic​ ​feeling of standing in the ​finalize space, with ​360 virtual studio ​app.​ By virtual reality app​ you get a whole new way to present your designs. We’ll ​develop fully-furnished interiors ​as per your specification.

Builder & Developers​​

Present your project in photorealistic virtual reality​ experience to your each and every visitor​. ​360 Virtual Studio ​transfer​ any idea into an immersive VR experience​, that​ ​your client can enjoy on the Samsung Gear VR platform.